Hawaii Government Contracts

Discover top government contracts in Hawaii. This comprehensive list includes the latest and most lucrative contracts offered by the state government. Spanning a wide range of industries, from construction and healthcare to technology and education, these contracts provide opportunities for both small businesses and large corporations. Each listing provides detailed information about the contract, including the scope of work, eligibility requirements, and application deadlines. Start exploring now to discover opportunities to work with the government and contribute to the growth and development of Hawaii.

US Government Contract: Failure to Respond to Evaluation Factors

This US Government contract requires vendors to respond to evaluation factors in sufficient detail for the Government to conduct a meaningful evaluation. Failure to do so may result in elimination from competition. The contract also requires timely submission of requests for information (RFI) and adherence to the solicitation closing date and time. The quote must include a technical description of the items being quoted, proof of being an authorized distributor or manufacturer, an overview of th...

Hearing Aid Programmer and Audiometer

The VHA's Network Contracting Office 21 is conducting a Sources Sought to identify vendors capable of providing a hearing aid programmer and audiometer. This market research tool will assist in the development of an acquisition strategy for a possible Request for Quote (RFQ). The government is seeking a product that meets the following requirements:

  • - Universal hearing aid programming interface for all brands
  • - USB connectivity
  • - Backward compatibility for all hearing instruments programmed by ...