Ohio Government Contracts

Discover top government contracts in Ohio. This comprehensive list includes the latest and most lucrative contracts offered by the state government. Spanning a wide range of industries, from construction and healthcare to technology and education, these contracts provide opportunities for both small businesses and large corporations. Each listing provides detailed information about the contract, including the scope of work, eligibility requirements, and application deadlines. Start exploring now to discover opportunities to work with the government and contribute to the growth and development of Ohio.

iTIG IV C6,iTIG IV C model Winding Analyzer/Surge Tester

This contract is for the procurement of an iTIG IV C6,iTIG IV C model Winding Analyzer/Surge Tester. The purpose of this contract is to acquire a specific testing equipment for analyzing and testing the windings of electrical components. The contract will be awarded by a US Government agency to a qualified vendor. The vendor will be responsible for providing the specified equipment and ensuring its proper functioning. The contract includes the following requirements and deliverables:

  • - Procurem...

Supply of ENT Scopes for Dayton VA Medical Center

This contract is for the supply of ENT scopes to expand veteran care at the Dayton VA Medical Center. The scopes needed are as follows:

  • - Sinuscope, 4 x 175 mm, 0 degree HD: 6 units
  • - Sinuscope, 4 x 175 mm, 30 degree HD: 4 units
  • - Hightrans light cable, 4.8x230: 2 units
  • - Connector/Light Source Pentax: 2 units
  • - PENTAX Adaptor w/ Filter: 2 units

The scopes must be compatible with the Pentax Image Processors currently in use at the Dayton VA Medical Center. Only Pentax scopes will work with Pen...